Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Herons are the amateur wildlife photographer’s dream birds.
Large enough to fill a screen, slow enough to capture with a low shutter speed, ubiquitous enough to find near practically any lake or pond, and able to change from graceful to gangly in the space of a few frames, they are a perfect subject for testing your camera and your skills.  Great Blue Heron-Heron Rookery-130415-4928 x 3264-1749 Great Blue Heron-Heron Rookery-130415-4928 x 3264-1681 Great Blue Heron-Heron Rookery-130415-4928 x 3264-1659

Herons can be found in Ohio all year round, but during the winter most will fly South to warmer climates. Near the end of May the males will return to scout out nesting sites, and the females follow a few weeks later. Together they build their nests, often in close proximity with other Heron pairs. These collections of heron nests are called Rookeries. There is a well-known Rookery in Cuyahoga Falls National Park, but Delaware has a nice one too!

Great Blue Heron-Heron Rookery-130415-6589 x 3174-

Great Blue Heron-O'Shaughnessy Reservoir-130401-4928 x 3264-9598 Great Blue Heron--120930-4928 x 3264-0579

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