Green Heron at O’Shaugnessy

I spent about an hour waiting patiently in the mud for a Great Blue Heron, or a Wood Duck, or an Egret, or even a songbird to make itself photographically accessible, but to no avail.

OK, I did get a great shot of this Mallard. I have to remind myself that just because a bird is common doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.Mallard-O'Shaughnessy Reservoir-130422-4928 x 3264-2081

Then, as often seems to happen, as I was leaving I spotted something in the check-out aisle that I hadn’t been shopping for. Only in this case, the check-out aisle was a large tree by the pond, and what I spotted was the silhouette of a Green Heron.

He posed for me for about five minutes.Green Heron-O'Shaughnessy Reservoir-130422-4928 x 3264-2134

Here he is sporting his “Rock Star” hair.Green Heron-O'Shaughnessy Reservoir-130422-4928 x 3264-2198

I snapped two shots of him flying away, but unfortunately they did not turn out. I’ll look for him in the same spot another day.